Homeowner’s P.R.E. Affidavit

If you own and occupy your principal residence, it may be exempt from a portion of your local school operating taxes. To claim an exemption, complete this affidavit and file it with your township or city by May 1st of the year of the claim. Your local assessor will adjust your taxes on your next property tax bill. Note that this is an exemption from part of the taxes and does not affect your assessment.

Request to Rescind Homeowner’s P.R.E.

This form enables people who are selling or converting their home to another use to rescind their exemption. It also enables people to change the percentage that they occupy as their principal residence. You are required to rescind a principal residence exemption when you no longer own and occupy the property as your principal residence. The exemption will be removed December 31st of the year you rescind the exemption.

Poverty Exemption Form

Provides a property tax exemption for the principal residence of person who, by reason of poverty, are unable to contribute toward the public charges. This application is to be used to apply for the exemption and must be filed with the Board of Review where the property is located. This application may be submitted to the township the property is located in each year on or after January 1st. 

2024 Property Tax Poverty Exemption Guidelines

Land Division Application and Land Division Tax Payment Certification Form

If you have multiple parcels that you would like combined or if you wish to divide a parcel or tract of land in order to sell a portion of it, please complete the Land Division Application and Tax Payment Certification form. The Tax Payment Certification form should be completed and submitted directly to the Crawford County Treasurer’s Office along with a $5 fee for processing. Once the form has been approved, it should be submitted with the Land Division Application to the Township Assessor.

2024 Sales Data South Branch Township

A 24-month sales study for 2024 property valuations was established by the Crawford County Equalization Department and the Michigan State Tax Commission. The following pages of sales analysis were used to determine the assessed valuations for the 2024 property tax assessment roll.

Sales Data Cover Sheet and Access to Assessor Records in Lieu of Regular Business hours

2024 Sales Data Anaysis

Michigan Voter Registration Form

Early Voter Information, link to State of Michigan webpage with FAQ’s

SBT Job Application


General Complaint Form

SBT Zoning Fees

Zoning Permit Application

PC & ZBA Special Approval Application


FOIA Request for Information

FOIA Policy Summary

FOIA Policy Resolution